Saturday, February 21, 2009

Well, hello again!

The Online Marketer Blog helped me figure to ‘splain my absence on this blog. Click here for the post

By writing about why you haven't written, not only do people learn more about you, and what makes you human, you can promote the other cool things you’ve been up to.

So here goes:

- I’ve been thinking about what I really want to accomplish with this blog. That analysis includes reading more of what others write and figuring how I belong in this group of PR people online. I am still working on this.
- I begged my favorite graphic designer and friend Andy Meeks to help me with a better looking header. My old one was plain and was uninspiring. It's amazing what a little color and creativity can do.
- I’ve spent more time with my family. My parents are 50-plus and my dad’s been feeling a little puny as he lives with congestive heart failure. They live eight hours away so I’ve made two trips home and enjoyed being with them. This has done wonders for my emotional well being. I highly recommend reconnecting with your folks.
- Volunteering is something else I’ve slacked off on. And I’ve been working at a consignment shop (in addition to my full-time job) for mostly women and spending time with folks with developmental disabilities. This has also contributed to my overall health. Volunteering or reaching out to others is one of the essentials of life, especially for people with depression.

And now, I want to be connect more with you. What would you like to see me do better? What would you like to hear about?

Thank you Online Marketer Blog. I hope you aren't too mad about me stealing your idea.

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DJ Francis said...

Mad? Heck no! I think you've given a great account as to why you're taking what sounds like a well-deserved break.

People who don't blog don't really understand the constant pressure to come up with content and challenge yourself. But it's always good to recognize that your life is more than just your blog (no matter how important it is to you).

Enjoy your hiatus! Then come back and keep kicking some tail :)