Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Pope’s refining his image

Some media applauded Pope Benedict XVI for his mass Sunday at Yankee Stadium. He acknowledged the child sexual abuse scandal and “voiced deep shame” on behalf of the Catholic Church. Just acknowledging the scandal and praying with abuse victims made him more real for people; whereas he was mostly viewed as a academician of theology.

Compassion and acknowledgement of hurt and a wrong goes a long way.

Check out the story in the New York Times yesterday here: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/21/us/nationalspecial2/21pope.html?em&ex=1209009600&en=53b2266cb445daca&ei=5087%0A


Snowfox said...

You are very right - just acknowledging the problem and meeting with some of the abuse "survivors" seems to have made a big impact on the religious community. Kudos to the Pope for taking such a big step!

La La said...

You're right acknowleging the problem and meeting those that were abused does go a long way but the Catholic Church has done this from the beginning and it's not even close to being enough. They protect their priests, bishops, etc. by giving them new jobs in new churches in new countries, exposing even more children to these predators. They refuse to acknowledge that there even is a problem and stick to their old, very outdated, traditional ways of doing things - lets see maybe it is time we admit that human beings are sexual by nature and celibacy is not natural so why not allow priests to get married. The reason we banned marriage is because back in olden times priests and other holy men were the wealthiest and we didn't want women to have all that power. Many of these priests have to let out their sexual nature somehow, someway and some may do it to some poor child who will be scarred for the REST OF THEIR LIVES.

They have millions and millions (maybe even billions) of dollars worth of religious artifacts, paintings, etc. at the vatican alone yet they refuse to give victims of the abuse anything. They acknowledge the victims of SOME cases yet they relocate and hide many of the priests who have and will continue committing the acts.

I was born and raised Catholic and by no means am I condeming the religion - every religion has something to be ashamed of - and the percentage of priests who have done anything is really, really small. Most of the priests have done nothing and are good men who get nothing but my love, respect and support but the pope and the Vatican need to do a lot more than give us some nice words.

Anonymous said...

La La stated that marriage of priests was banned to prevent their spouses from accumulating wealth. I'm not sure I agree with this. Is this the same reason Nun's were prevented from marrying? I am not Catholic, so please correct me if I am wrong. My thoughts only come from a rusty recollection of several religion courses taken a few years ago, but I believe marriage was prevented b/c Priests and Nuns were to give themselves entirely to the church. They were to become God's vessel. They were married and devoted to their faith and God.

I was not able to catch all the coverage of the Pope. Did the Pope elaborate on any measures the Church plans to take to prevent such abuses in the future. Better screening, oversight, an anonymous complaint box in the boys bathroom?