Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad

Sunday was my Dad's birthday. After I sang to him, he laughed and told me he got half off his breakfast at the Golden Corrale. He was a senior citizen now. He laughed again and said Mom had to pay full price. He said he's going to get all kind of good deals now. And he deserves it and more.

My Dad
My Dad worked 30 years in a paper mill for 12 hour days and on many swing shifts for our family. He encouraged my brother (who's a successful lawyer) and I to go to college and do anything we wanted. He taught me how to fight if someone tried to abduct me before I started high school; how to balance my checkbook; how to play third base and catch; check the oil in my car; and how to be calm in a crisis. He was the first person who taught me to focus on ability. I'm thankful that Dad shared with me his passion to make everything we can that's good inclusive to everyone.
Beauty doesn't always fade
The picture above was taken at my brother's wedding at Oak Island, where my parents now live. Yes, I know, my dad is handsome and he is going to kill me when he finds out I put his picture on the Internet. Yes, similar to the children of Paul Newman, Michael Douglas, I have a good looking dad, who just became a "senior citizen."

Happy belated-birthday Dad. (The card's in the mail.)


سرحانوف said...

Happy Birthday

mab said...

Happy Birthday!

And, yes, he will not be happy about his picture being on the internet. I foresee the removal of said picture in the near future. :)

City Sights and Observations said...

Haha -- maybe, but not yet. I read the content to Mom and she said it was sweet. Sooommmme people don't mind having their picture up.