Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy place - Anything to get you back to a positive personal brand

Anytime I feel like shooting off a terse e-mail to someone, I like to look at sweet pictures of animals, like this one. Unfortunately, I just came across this photo.
Personal brand
Personal brands and work e-mail etiquette work together. I try to present myself as a serious, no BSer, a feisty yet compassionate idea person, non-tattle teller, competent, a cheerleader and helper. So when I'm challenged through e-mail, I have to take a quick walk and respond in short, factual and helpful statements, or speak to the person directly. We're taught not to engage in e-mail wars, ever. More tips here.
Delete the tweaking cc'ing.
But I have participated in the tweaking cc'ing game. Read what it means here for the sender and the recipient. I have received negative feedback where a superior was cc'd. I made edits and cc'd everyone too. I wanted everyone to know it was OK. But, no I missed something again. And a superior was cc'd again on another e-mail letting me know something still wasn't right. This can go on for a while if you're not careful. And being a goof-ball was not part of my brand. In a do-over, I would have just e-mailed the sender.
It's our brand that counts the most.
In public relations, we prep ourselves to present an idea, a company, a person, a group, an organization in the best light possible. We should do this for ourselves, as well, including our appearance, our work ethic and how we treat others. Read more about personal brands.
What do you do if someone challenges you to an e-mail war?

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