Monday, July 14, 2008

Now here's a camera for nonprofits

OK -- this is a product and business plug. But I couldn't find too many camera recommendations for nonprofits on the Internet. So I hope this will help someone else who is about as knowledgeable about fancy cameras as she is about the "time circuits" in her car's speedometer. (That's right, time circuits are only possible in the movie Back to the Future.)

I was recommended to Showcase in Atlanta for a camera for the novice to use at events when we can't get a volunteer photographer. We needed something not expensive, easy, and with the capability of getting high resolution photos. The folks at Showcase were so helpful and knowledgeable and recommended the Nikon P80. (Hint: It also helps to know photographers to compare notes.) There are only a few key buttons to remember. You can choose what resolution you want. And you can get video for your Web site and You Tube.

I've got it out of the box and started to charge the battery ... so far so good.

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