Thursday, September 11, 2008

You want this puppy, yes, you do. Michael Vick, I don't mean you.

I know, I knowI don't like to hear about homeless puppies either. But animal people, when you hear of a little one needing help, you have to at least pass the info along . . .
My childhood friend Sarah found this seven-week old American Pitbull Terrier in the Atlanta-area without her mama.
She likes dogs, even if they are bigger than her.

She can live indoors and likes to explore.

Sarah said the following about the puppy:
"She's your typical puppy in that she falls all over herself when running. She follows my big dog around all the time and is quite willing to be carried around by Emma [Sarah's two-year-old]. She's very respectful of my older girls [older puppies :)] and listens when they tell her to back off. She likes to cuddle and gets in between the couch cushions to sleep."
She's a curious little puppy and appreciates nature.
There's a lot of info about these dogs and they require space to run and supervision with animals and with the right socialization they're sweeter than most. Check out these links. Dog owner's guide. A-Z info about the animal.

Shoot me an e-mail if you're interested in the puppy. I'll pass along your info to my friend. There may be an interview.

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