Monday, September 1, 2008

One edit recommendation WebMD: Please bold the disclaimer on symptoms

Note to possible hypochondriacs or slightly imaginative obsessive folks: just call a doctor or a pharmacist when you're sick. WebMd might be a slippery slope to panic for you (and me.) Please also note that WebMD is very useful and has been around for a long time because it provides a much needed service. Sometimes a doctor is a long time away and you need to know if something sounds kinda serious.
It'll be about 24 hours before I get my official diagnosis from the doctor.
WebMD: make it clear that just because folks have a symptom or two, doesn't mean they have the worst.
I would love it if WebMd bolded the title of the column they already have, "Conditions Associated with Selected Symptoms" below the list your symptoms or bold the word "associated." Or maybe add one of those pop-up notes: Please see your doctor for diagnosis. This is a list of diseases, scary and not, from our database that match certain symptoms. One symptom doesn't mean you've got the worst disease on our list.
I had a scary list of possible ailments.
According to WebMd, some of the conditions associated with how I'm feeling have spooked me over the last few days. The short list: mono, epidermal cyst, Scarlet Fever (haven't really heard of that one since one of my favorite movies Ann of Avonlea), tuberculosis, and the PLAGUE. Of course, there are some less serious issues like allergies and muscle strain also listed. Thank goodness one of my symptoms isn't my head involuntarily turning or thrashing about. That is a symptom listed on WebMd.
Here are two other sets of symptoms and the conditions associated with them:
1. Symptoms: headache, drowsiness, fever
Some conditions associated with those signs: aseptic meningitis, acute sinusitis, Cryptococcosis, the flu, bacterial pneumonia, mono, lupus, dementia in head injury and more.

2. Symptoms: anxiety, difficulty falling asleep, easily distracted, impulsive behavior
Some conditions associated with those symptoms: excessive caffeine use, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, depression, Bipolar Disorder, cocaine use, agoraphobia and other things.

Now, on to more positive thoughts. When I drag myself to the office again I'm going to research different kinds of social media releases (and on my off-time, dear boss :) ). I'm trying to figure out a style for our organization.

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