Saturday, August 16, 2008

Advertisers should listen to the stations they use

Before buying radio ads for your company try to listen to the station first, instead of signing off after studying listener demographics.

96.1 in Atlanta has a "Retard Alert" segment.
Here in Atlanta, Project 96.1 has a morning radio show called Retard Alert where they blast obnoxious warning sounds and "Retard Alert" "Retard Alert." One morning, callers told the morning personalities about when they felt like a "R-word."

And after all the national protests of the movie Tropic Thunder, of how the movie portrays actors portraying people with mental and intellectual disabilities, 96.1 blatantly makes fun of people with intellectual disabilities. It seems that people with intellectual disabilities are among the last group to continue to be made fun of without repercussions.

Here are a few things the radio station should think about:
- People with intellectual disabilities also listen their music and station. Already many of 96.1 listeners were picked on in school and elsewhere, also in their adult lives with the word retard or hearing the word whispered behind their backs, and it's not over. There's still a popular radio station covering several counties surrounding Atlanta saying it again and making fun of them again. It's hurtful and not funny at all.
- People with intellectual disabilities are productive citizens in the Atlanta community that offer help to other groups and many work full-time jobs.
- They also go to restaurants, shops and malls and spend money that help build our economy. And they deserve to be treated with respect or dignity, just like you do.

Radio Shack, McDonald's and Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
So far, I've found that Radio Shack, McDonald's and Ruth's Chris Steakhouse advertise on 96.1. I'll listen for more advertisers and will give you updates. They have aligned themselves with a radio station who indirectly attacks a group of people that can't always defend themselves. Do those companies feel the same way 96.1 does?

Show you care about your community and people with intellectual disabilities and don't frequent those places. And let the companies know and ask them to stop advertising on 96.1.

Make a guest comment to Ruth Chris's Steakhouse here.
Ask the marketing people by e-mailing:
Let McDonald's know here.

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La La said...

Unfortunately, the r word is still a common part of our vocabulary. Is it right? Absolutely not. It's hurtful and anyone who makes fun of someone because they are different from them is wrong and in my opinion disgusting. There are soooo many offensive comments/terms that we make as a society upon others, whether is because they are intellectually disabled, from another country, a different race, a different sex, a different sexual orientation, a different religion (and the list goes on and on), because we accept the terms and labels without a second thought. Most certainly don't mean them to be offensive or cruel but no one ever stops to think how hurtful words can be. Hopefully, one day the r word will be banned from our use and considered hateful just like the n word has been.

As for 96.1, they cater to their audience who unfortunately find their program and shows funny. They don't just make fun of people with disabilities but they have been known to make cruel comments about other groups. Again, their audience finds it hilarious and continue to support the show and the station. Unfortunately, that is what the businesses are going for. How many people does this radio station draw during this time slot? This country is about the pay off. I highly doubt McDonalds, Radio Shack, etc. even know what goes on during the shows nor do they care. Until there is a huge protest that makes headlines (which would embarass the companies) or there is a huge drop off in its listeners, I doubt anything will be done.

There should also be a stand against all of the mocking and cruelness from 96.1. We cannot just stick to one group to fight for when everyone a part of the discrimination can get involved and put a stop to it (much bigger impact also). we should stand up against all discrimination against any person. This world will never change if we pass along our prejudices and hate to others and to the next generation. This world doesn't have to be cruel and NO ONE should have to feel like they don't belong.